Adults with dyslexia sometimes also struggle with time management and organization at work. However, there are ways round these difficulties.

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Pre-employment dyslexia screening

A new report by EY and Made By Dyslexia titled ‘The Value of Dyslexia: Dyslexic Capability and Organisations in the Future’ shows that organisations can help futureproof their workforce and tackle the digital skills gap by broadening their talent pools and hiring individuals with dyslexia. Amongst other valuable skills, individuals with dyslexia have been found to be particularly good at creativity, entrepreneurship, seeing the bigger picture, geo-spatial awareness, problem solving and idea generation.

Dyslexia Nigeria works with employers to encourage a positive and enabling working environment for dyslexic employees; one that helps them give their best and achieve their full potential in the workplace. As a first step, we recommend that a pre-employment dyslexia screening be integrated in the recruitment process, to identify if a potential employee may have dyslexia. Results of the screening are communicated via a written report and suitable recommendations made as required.

Workplace Dyslexia Needs Assessment

It may be appropriate to support a dyslexic employee with reasonable adjustments based on their specific job roles and the difficulties they have as a result of their dyslexia. Such may include low cost solutions, workplace strategy coaching, awareness training and assistive software. Our workplace dyslexia needs assessment helps identify and recommend such reasonable adjustments.

Leadership Cognitive Enhancement

With our understanding of the brain, Dyslexia Nigeria supports organizational leaders and executives in attaining high mental functionality, critical for enhanced productivity. Our cognitive enhancement increases the ability to process information quickly and accurately, demonstrate mental resilience and solve complex problems. We help executives unlock their brain power for augmented leadership skills.

Diagnostic Dyslexia Assessment

With this assessment, our team can diagnose dyslexia. This is a full assessment of underlying ability, attainments in reading, writing and cognitive processing skills, such as memory, processing speed, and phonological processing. The diagnostic assessment is carried out at our Center by trained assessors. The assessment is accompanied by an in-depth written report.

Open Training Courses

Our open training courses generally take place at our center or at designated centers. These courses run at pre-determined times including weekends, summer holidays, and evenings. We offer one-off and short courses.

Awareness Campaigns

Dyslexia Nigeria gives free awareness talks in organizations to help create a general awareness of dyslexia. Talks typically last approximately 30 minutes. Please let us know if you would like us to visit your workplace.

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