Signs in Adulthood


  • literacy standards fall below expectation.
  • poor organisational skills (misses meetings, loses papers).
  • left/right confusion.
  • poor time management skills (hands in work late on frequent occasions, confuses dates, always late for lectures).
  • low self esteem.


  • poor handwriting.
  • lack of coherence when presenting ideas in writing.
  • poor use of capital letters and punctuation.
  • limited vocabulary demonstrated.


  • tendency to spell phonetically (e.g. fonetikly, necisary).
  • mixes phonemes up even in spell checked typed documents (e.g. which/witch, were/where/wear/ware).
  • letters and figures often the wrong way round (e.g. raw for war, 48 for 84).


  • words read incorrectly.
  • lack of fluency when reading aloud.
  • difficulty using referenced texts.