Writing Workbook For Kids With Dyslexia – Volume 6


100 Activities to improve writing and reading skills of Dyslexic children
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This is the Full Color Edition of Writing Workbook for Kids with Dyslexia (Volume 6)

Children who are diagnosed with dyslexia have added difficulties with writing and reading. However, dyslexic children may be able to write and read normally if proper techniques are applied and their learning is guided by an educator.

In Writing Workbook for Kids with Dyslexia (Volume 6) you will find 100 activities to improve writing and reading skills of dyslexic children.

These activities are designed for children between 8 and 10 years old. The activities in this book have been reviewed by specialist psychologists.

100 ready-to-use worksheets specially thought and designed for children with learning difficulties


In this book, you will find a multitude of exercises to work with your students on writing and reading.

Phonemic Awareness Exercises

  • Phoneme Segmentation
  • Omission of phonemes:
  • Phoneme substitution
  • Find the hidden sounds
  • Identify what sound is repeated in two different syllables or words
  • Auditory sound discrimination exercises
  • I see-I see through sounds games
  • Exercises of ordering graphemes to form words
  • Exercises to complete words with graphemes
  • Sound dictations


Lexical Awareness Exercises

  • Mentally count the words of a sentence
  • Skip a certain word in a phrase
  • Replace a certain word in a sentence
  • Separate written phrases into words.


Compensatory spelling exercises, word searches and rhymes

  • Word spelling exercises
  • Activities with rhymes

Take a look at the index of this book.

This book has been reviewed by child psychologists.

In this workbook for children, you have all the necessary activities to make a child improve his writing and reading skills while having a pleasant and fun time.

There is a black and white edition of this workbook also available. Check out other books that BrainChild has at your disposal to make a child grow and improve her skills.


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