THE RIGHT BRAIN: My Dyslexia Story


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Dyslexia is a specific learning difficulty that affects the skills required for accurate reading, writing and spelling. It is a language-based learning difficulty caused by a different wiring of the brain – which has no connection with intelligence. Dyslexics are neither more nor less intelligent than the general population.

I am inclined to telling this story in order to bring about the knowledge of the existence of dyslexia in our society, and to promote the cause of getting everyone—especially educators, parents and the government—to embrace dyslexia-consciousness.

Dyslexia International reports that dyslexia occurs in at least one in 10 people, putting more than 700 million children and adults worldwide at risk of life-long illiteracy and social exclusion. Going further, it also revealed that significant numbers of students with dyslexia go undiagnosed and their symptoms unaddressed, with tragic results, largely due to global lack of awareness and knowledge about this common learning difference.

Given my alarming experiences in school and the enormous damage undefined dyslexia had caused, it is my sincere desire that government officials, parents, educators and stakeholders come together to develop an impactful strategy to tackle the struggles of students and adults with dyslexia in our society.


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