The African Educator’s Guide to Dyslexia


This book helps to Identify and Support the Core Features of Dyslexia and Common Co-occurring Difficulties.

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The African Educator’s Guide to Dyslexia is a practical guide to identifying and supporting individuals with dyslexia in schools. It is packed with simple, effective strategies that target the core features of dyslexia, and common co-occurring difficulties. The deepened understanding it provides would enhance the confidence of educators and individuals with dyslexia when undertaking everyday tasks, especially those related to academic performance.

This guide recognizes the nuances of managing dyslexia in Africa. It includes helpful information to demystify dyslexia and relevant advice for the African educator to create an environment where students with dyslexia can thrive.

Ideal for educators, policymakers, advocates, parents and individuals with dyslexia. This book is a valuable resource for achieving the successful inclusion of dyslexia and specific learning difficulties in schools in line with the African Charter on the Rights and Welfare of the Child and the Sustainable Development Goals.



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