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Enhance your classroom centres with this collection of learning kits that cover a wide range of topics in reading, math, science, and more. Colourful mats, picture cards, foam shapes, and crayons appeal to children, even as they learn and develop essential skills for academic success. Each kit comes with an activity guide with suggestions for use.

The Short Vowels Mats kit contains ten colourful two-sided game mats, 60 pigs labelled with short-vowel words, and wipe-off crayons. In addition, four blank pigs are provided for use as replacements, in case a labelled pig gets lost or damaged―simply use a permanent marker to write the missing word on the piece. The kit is designed to meet the following key instructional goals using letter-sound knowledge to identify words with short vowels• distinguishing the short-vowel sound in words • developing automaticity (fluency) in reading words with short vowels• writing words with short vowels• developing vocabulary For use with Grades K-2.


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