Pencil Holder 3 in 1 Pack


Better handwriting and also prevent wrist fatigue. 

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  • This comfortable and soft Pencil Grip is designed specifically for kids learning to write and finding it difficult to hold pencils. These pencil grippers are perfect for kids and adults to improve their handwriting. It will make the learning process fun and enjoyable rather than a tedious chore
  • The pencil grip for toddlers 2-4 years old makes it safe and helps in relieving pressure and reducing hand fatigue. The design is perfect to fit all finger sizes. The pencil grips for kids handwriting also prevent wrist fatigue
  • The ambidextrous pencil grips for kids handwriting can be used by both lefties and righties. Their hollow design prevents sweating while you write. Moreover, the narrow end tightly grips allow the young mind to absorb knowledge more efficiently. The children will participate in coloring, drawing, and writing more openly
  • These kids pencil holders are available in different colors to increase kids’ interest in writing. Pencil grippers are an ideal gift that you send to your colleagues, friends, and children. Furthermore, vibrant colors are also essential in developing motor functions in young developing minds for better engagement
  • 3 in 1 Handwriting pencil grips for Kids with 3 different colour, which help meet every user’s needs. Moreover, the purchase is not heavy on the wallet too. The pen grips are an excellent addition to the learning table at school or at home


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