My Spelling Book 2 Medium Frequency Words Sightwords


Did you know that the first 100 High-Frequency Words comprise 50% of all child and adult reading and writing?

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My Spelling Book 2: ¬†provides the learner an opportunity to learn and overlearn Medium Frequency Words in a manageable and structured manner. High Frequency Words contains 150 sight words. It is an easy-to-use, effective spelling resource for parents, teachers and homeschooling parents. The workbook is based on Dolch’s list of basic sight words and Fry’s list of most essential words. The spellings are the same in both British English and American English.

I CAN SPELL High-Frequency Words workbook is an appealing, multisensory tool for children to have fun learning their spellings; organised in small, manageable learning chunks, the method uses visual, auditory and kinaesthetic learning preferences.

I CAN SPELL draws on an improved teaching strategy of Look-Say-Cover-Write-Check by tracing over the word (helping with fine motor control) and using closed-eye visualisation. Clear instructions are given on how to implement visualisation techniques to improve the child’s ability to remember tricky spellings.

Children who have difficulty reading find spelling even more challenging, but if children can master the most frequently spelt words by heart, their self-confidence will grow in their ability to spell and write sentences that make sense from the start. These spellings should be practised and memorised by sight so that children do not need to decode them or sound them out.

Parents can use the workbook at home to help their children learn sight words; teachers and teaching assistants can use the workbook in the classroom to monitor, assess and record a child’s individual progress. They are printed in a dyslexia-friendly font and on cream-coloured paper to reduce glare and visual tracking problems.

Appropriate for children aged 5 onwards.

The website gives good ideas for fun spelling activities and how to teach spelling to different learning styles.


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