Stride Ahead


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Stride Ahead is a study book, written for students who can read but have difficulty understanding and comprehending written text.

We believe this results from their minds being too occupied with the mechanics of decoding the written language. It leaves them unable to give adequate attention to the meaning of the text.

Often these students become very adept at disguising their poor reading skills. They use ‘guesswork’ allied with contextual clues to get meaning. Because these ‘guesswork’ techniques hide a student’s poor reading skills, often their teachers are not even aware that the student has a problem.

In effect, they are on a ‘reading plateau’ from which they cannot ‘climb higher’ or further improve their reading ability.

For many such students, often remain on this ‘reading plateau’ throughout their school careers and on into adult life.

The consequence of this possibly undiscovered difficulty is that the student never fully realises their potential and capacity for learning, either at school or into adult life.


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