Executive Functioning Skills Printable Workbook: For Students Learning Life Skills


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For young students and teens with significant developmental disabilities and special needs. These are Executive Functioning Skills Printables Worksheets for Students with Autism and Executive Functioning Needs. May work well for self-contained classrooms with students who have intensive needs and need instruction at a lower grade level.

These executive functioning skills printables will work well for any students learning life skills whose special needs include developmental delay and the need to learn executive functioning skills. These are short, quick worksheets for reinforcing the skill for teens that have a special need that includes developmental delay.

The printables can supplement any curriculum or they can be used daily as a discussion starter for developing appropriate executive functioning skills. This packet includes executive functioning skills related worksheets that require variations in response styles for many answers (Ex. matching, cutting, circling, and pasting.)


  • Plan
  • Waiting
  • My Schedule
  • Planning for an Art Project


  • Organize the Code
  • Organized/Unorganized
  • Organizing My Desk
  • I Can Organize

Time Management:

  • Is it Time?
  • Using Timers
  • Smart Watch
  • Task Initiation

Working Memory:

  • Repeat After Me
  • Remember
  • Multi-step Directions
  • Letter and Word Search

Self- Control:

  • Controlling My Actions
  • Emojis
  • Feelings
  • Self-Discipline

Impulse Control:

  • Personal Bubble
  • Controlling My Impulses
  • Stop Raging
  • Making a Choice


  • Listening
  • Visual Schedules
  • Show Listening Skills By Doing These Things
  • Staying On Task


  • Flexibility Definition
  • Planning a Calendar
  • Starting a Non-Preferred Activity
  • Changing Plans


  • Perseverance Word Search
  • A Story About Perseverance
  • Working to Build Sentences
  • Work Through It


  • Change-What Things Can Change?
  • Starting a New Assignment
  • Working Until My Scheduled Break
  • Transition Cues

Problem Solving:

  • Steps to Problem Solving
  • Is this a Good Strategy?
  • Visualize It
  • Thinking of Strategies When Feeling Anxious


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