Coloured Overlay A4 | Overlays For Visual Stress Relief | Coloured Overlays For Reading Aids


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  • Function: The reading guide strips for kids makes reading easier. The use of soft colours and opaque reading lines can help reduce visual pressure and make reading faster and more comfortable. The reading ruler can help children and adults with dyslexia to read more conveniently and enjoyably.


  •  High quality: Reading overlays for dyslexia are made of soft PVC, high transparency, non-toxic and odourless, scratch-resistant and drop-resistant, sturdy and durable, each cover layer has a matte and smooth surface, which helps to change the light condition.


  •  8 colours: There are 8 colours in the dyslexia overlays highlight ruler. You can try various colours and choose the colour that suits you best. When you are reading, the guide reading highlight bar with multiple colours can help reduce your vision Stress can help you focus on reading and make you interested in reading.


  • Application: A4 colour overlay strips, suitable for people of all ages, and suitable for people who wear glasses, and for school, home or office use. The reading guide belt is designed to help students and adults with the following difficulties: skip words, skip lines, Reverse letters, transposition letters, help dyslexia, so that you can relieve your fatigue and focus when you are reading.


  • What you get: The size of the 8pcs A4 colour bookmark guide sheet is 21 x 29.7cm, which is very flexible, so it does not take up much space. The dyslexia bar is designed to help students and adults enhance their visual tracking skills and facilitate the reading of required sentences, which is very practical.


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