Beat Dyslexia Book 4


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The Beat Dyslexia series is a step-by-step multi-sensory literacy programme for all pupils struggling to acquire literacy skills, especially those with dyslexia. It takes pupils from the earliest stages of letter recognition through to full literacy. The series is full of variety and uses imaginative approaches to engage and motivate students. It is structured so that all goals are small and attainable, perfect for those with short concentration spans and ensuring that all pupils develop a sound understanding of spelling and grammar and gain confidence through their success. All the material has been trialled by students and teachers and is devised to be of immediate practical use in teaching sessions.

The programme:

  • Is carefully structured to help the learner understand the linguistic and phonological structures that underpin literacy. Pupils learn letter-sound relationships, how letters make words, the significance of vowels and consonants, how to recognise rhyme and syllables in words and how to recognise spelling patterns in the English language.
  • Takes a multi-sensory approach that encourages the pupil to use many senses in order to learn letter-sound relationships. Seeing, saying, hearing and writing reinforce learning through visual, auditory and kinaesthetic approaches.
  • Has a controlled vocabulary, which means that in the early stages of the scheme learners are presented with reading passages made up from words which only contain letters and letter combinations that they have already learned. The steady introduction of the high-frequency words of the English language is continued throughout the series.

Book 4 Covers: -ck, v, w, j, y, sh, qu, wa, x, -ed, z, -ff, -ch.

Books 1-3 cover consonants, blends, digraphs, short vowels, high-frequency words, the alphabet, and basic punctuation and grammar. Books 4-5 introduces long vowels and other spelling patterns, and provides literacy support at primary and early secondary level. Book 6 covers the remaining sounds and also helps with skills that elude dyslexic pupils, such as telling the time, map reading and homework planning.

Each book contains 50-80 photocopiable worksheets (including a blank Certificate of Merit to reward pupils), teacher’s notes, photocopiable reference sheets, a pack of full-colour reading and spelling cards, and an audio CD with exercises on sound recognition in words, short-term memory training, and dictation and listening comprehension. The books may be used by teaching staff and parents on a one-to-one basis or in small groups. They are well adapted for use as home-school liaison material.


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