Oluranti Oyesiji

Oluranti Oyesiji is the founder of Closerlook Caregiver Foundation. The organisation advocates positive perspectives on dyslexia while helping dyslexics win and become the best they can be. Her mission is to ensure that children and adults achieve their full potential in life through her commitment to transforming every dyslexic child and adult into a champion the Nation can be proud of through creating awareness and advocacy, counseling and therapeutic intervention support. Oluranti s love for creating Dyslexic heroes stems from her personal experience as a dyslexic. She equips and trains parents and teachers on how to handle dyslexics at home and in schools. She is the convener of Winning with Dyslexia Conference.

Oluranti has appeared on several local Radio stations; podcast and she has a YouTube channel where she create awareness about Dyslexia and also interview guests who have struggled with Dyslexia to talk about their challenges, copying mechanisms and how they turned their learning difficulties into strengths.

She is also an accomplished Human Resources Professional with about 2 decades of experience in Human Capital Development. She holds a B.A degree in Philosophy from Ogun State University and Masters in Industrial and Labour Relations from University of Lagos; she is also a certified counseling practitioner and a member of British Dyslexia Association. She currently consults for schools, assessing their pupils, training teachers and therapists, on how to effectively work with dyslexic children and adults.