Olayide Odediran

Olayide is a social impact and education specialist, passionate about enabling individual freedom, opportunity, and well-being.  She serves as the Executive Director at Dyslexia Nigeria where she educates, empowers, and convenes stakeholders to create an environment where dyslexics can thrive. Specifically, as a certified Workplace Needs Assessor, she focuses on dyslexia in adults and in the workplace, supporting organizations to develop dyslexia-friendly workplaces, and enabling individuals to identify and adopt coping strategies for optimal performance.

As a UK CIM-Certified Executive Function Coach and Certified Cognitive Coach, Olayide works with children and adults to develop and fine-tune core executive function skills critical for academic performance, work productivity and work-life balance.  These skills include response inhibition, metacognition, working memory, goal-directed persistence, organization, planning and time management, amongst others.  She also works as a career coach, supporting individuals to identify meaningful, fulfilling work that embodies their authenticity and harnesses their true potential, and to take positive steps to realize their goals.

Olayide holds a master’s degree in International Education Policy from the Harvard Graduate School of Education and a First Class (Honours) Degree in Business Administration & Law from Keele University, UK. Certified Cognitive Coach – International Board of Credentialing and Continuing Education Standards (IBCCES) Credential ID CCC21970891