If anyone ever puts you down for having dyslexia, don’t believe them. Being dyslexic can actually be a big advantage, and it has certainly helped me.


Richard Branson, Virgin CEO

Specialist Tuition

One-to-one Tuition

We offer specialist one-to-one tuition that is tailored to individual needs and learning styles. We support children and adults in literacy to raise their skills in reading, spelling and writing. Tutoring may take place during weekends, after school or during holidays and typically holds in our Centre.

Comprehension Booster Classes

Many children and adults have poor reading comprehension. Research shows that those who struggle often lack the practice to acquire effective reading skills. They have difficulties in relating text content to background knowledge and experience and they are unable to frame questions that will help them extract important information. They also often have poor working memory. Our Comprehension Booster Classes will improve understanding of complex texts, listening comprehension, inferential thinking skills, verbal memory skills, vocabulary knowledge, verbal reasoning, concentration and attention, and reading speed.

Memory Booster Classes

These classes help individuals acquire effective learning strategies and practice exercises that develop verbal and visual memory skills. Individuals are taught flexible memory strategies, and enjoyable exercises that develop and extend learning skills.

Touch Typing Classes

These classes help individuals learn how to touch type.

Individual Services

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