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The New Way of Learning

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The New Way of Thinking

There is a new way of thinking about learning; a new way of thinking about teaching. The new way involves neuroscience, understanding individual differences in children, curriculum, technology, interaction, game/role playing, making learning more motivating.

Discoveries in neuroscience about hoe the brain works, is leading this revolution; this way of learning and teaching. One of the most fundamental discoveries about the brain is the Intelligence is not fixed, or established firmly in our brains from birth. Rather it forms and develops throughout our lives. And that provide lasting effect; of task, differentiation, simultaneous development of fundamental cognitive skills, and the right motivation.

In addition, with the identification of specific areas and neural pathways in the brain that can enhance learning scientists identified ways yo help build stronger and more efficient pathways to improve learning.

Fast ForWord® is an evidence-based fun and interactive brain training and educational computer program developed after over 30 years of research on how the brain works. It is a life changing intervention program as it provides enduring gains by developing essential cognitive skills, language, literacy and learning skills.

Key Features

  • Dozens of online and mobile skill-building exercises for elementary, secondary university school age learners
  • Adaptive technology that adjusts delivery to meet the needs of each learner
  • A digital guided reading tool that provides real-time corrective feedback as students read texts aloud
  • Automated assessments to ensure continued learning growth
  • Digital reporting to track reading and language skill development

Why Fast ForWord® Works

The Fast ForWord® program uses the principles of neuroplasticity – the ability of the brain to rewire and improve – to make fast and permanent changes to the brain.

It targets the root causes of language and reading difficulty directly. Once these underlying areas are addressed, learners’ skills improve quickly, and continue to improve even after they have completed using Fast ForWord®

Evidence Based Outcomes

Evidence from independent research by MIT, Standford and Rutgers universities among others shows that it works

The used of the Fast ForWord® program has the following result on learners:

  • Improved thinking and learning skills that result in more confident, engaged learners
  • Better reading skills and summative testing performance
  • Continued learning growth even after learners have completed the program

Benefits of Fast ForWord

Fast ForWord® trains the brain to process after and more accurately. It develops and strengthens essential cognitive, language and literacy skills important for learning to provide the following outcomes

  • Development and strengthening of auditory skills
  • Hand-eye coordination
  • Pattern recognition
  • Development and strengthening of Motor skills
  • Better listening and understanding
  • Ability to answer questions quicker in class
  • Stronger memory
  • Ability to follow conversation flow much better
  • Better retention
  • Better recall of event sequences, details, numbers etc.
  • Improved confidence and self-esteem – better participation in class and group activities
  • Clearer communication – improved pronunciation, ability to stay on a topic
  • Improved vocabulary
  • Enhanced reading skills – reading gains of up to 2 years after 8 weeks training; able to understand complex sentences
  • Overall academic improvement – improved spelling, attention span, writing and math

Success Rate

The Fast ForWord® and Reading Assistant™ are used globally by millions of learners in over Forty (40) countries and have produced outstanding results. Studies show students have experienced gains in skills averaging 1 – 2 years by working 3 – 5 days a week for approximately 8 – 12 weeks. Testimonials can be found on this webpage: http://www.scilearnglobal.com/life-changing-results

How do I get started or register my child or my school? Kindly contact us via info@dyslexianigeria.com or dyslexianigeria@gmail.com or call 08107531682  or  09025446486  or  016327387 to indicate your interest.

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