Free Children Dyslexia Test


    Date of Birth



    Name of person filling form

    Relationship to child

    Reading & Spelling
    When the pupil/student reads and spells, does s/he frequently:

    Confuses letters that look similar: d - b, u - n, m – n? YesNo

    Confuses letters that sound the same: v, f, th? YesNo

    Reverses words: was - saw, now – won? YesNo

    Transposes words: left - felt? YesNo
    Reads a word correctly and then further down the page, read it wrong? YesNo

    Changes words around: the cat sat on the mat (the mat sat on the cat)? YesNo

    Confuses small words: of, for, from? YesNo

    When reading, has difficulty in keeping the correct place on a line and frequently loses his/her place? YesNo

    Reads correctly but does not understand what s/he is reading? YesNo

    Even after frequent instruction, does s/he still:

    Not know whether to use his/her right or left hand? YesNo

    Leaves out capital letters or use them in the wrong places? YesNo

    Forgets to dot the ‘i’s, and cross ‘t’s? YesNo

    Forms letters and numbers badly? YesNo

    Slopes his/her writing on the page? YesNo

    Uses punctuation and paragraphs in the wrong places, or not at all? YesNo

    Other Indicators

    Is there a family history of dyslexia or similar difficulties? YesNo If yes, please indicate who.

    Was s/he a late developer? YesNo If yes, please indicate in what areas.

    Is s/he easily distracted and has poor concentration? YesNo

    Does s/he have an awkward head tilt while reading? YesNo

    Does s/he squint the eyes while reading or copying things from the board? YesNo

    Does s/he have hearing problems? YesNo

    Does s/he get confused between: left/right, east/west, up/down, over/under? YesNo

    Does s/he hold a pen too tightly and awkwardly? YesNo

    Does s/he have problems telling the time? YesNo

    Does s/he have problems with tying shoe laces, etc? YesNo

    Does s/he have short-term memory problems relating to printed words and instructions? YesNo

    Does s/he have mixed laterality (i.e. uses either right or left hands or eyes, in writing and other tasks)? YesNo

    Does s/he have particular difficulty copying from a blackboard? YesNo

    Does s/he have confusion with mathematical symbols (plus/minus, etc)? YesNo

    Does s/he have inability to follow more than one instruction at a time? YesNo

    Can s/he use a dictionary or telephone directory? YesNo

    Does s/he have sequencing difficulties in reciting the:
    Alphabet? YesNo
    Nursery rhymes? YesNo
    Months of the year? YesNo
    Numbers in multiplication tables? YesNo

    Is s/he clumsy or has poor body coordination? YesNo


    Does s/he have good verbal skills – like to talk or tell stories? YesNo

    Is s/he good in drawing or painting or sketching? YesNo

    Is s/he good with her/his hands, for e.g. fixing or repairing things, like to work with tools, etc YesNo

    Is s/he always full of ideas about various things? YesNo

    Do you think the child is creative? YesNo

    Do you think the child has a high sense of curiosity and wants to know about things? YesNo

    Do you think the child has good general knowledge? YesNo


    Category Total Red

    (More than)

    Your Sore
    Reading & Spelling 9 4
    Writing 6 3
    Other Indicators 21 10
    Strengths 7 3


    If the child’s score is in red mean, it means it is more than half. If more than half ‘yes’ in each category the pupil/student may be at risk.  Seek consultation at the Dyslexia Nigeria Centre.

    Please note this is not a diagnostic tool

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    Adapted from:

    Swindon Dyslexia Centre