About Us

Who We Are

Dyslexia Nigeria is a non-profit charity fully registered in Nigeria. Our vision is a world where individuals with dyslexia can attain their full potential. 


Dyslexia Nigeria educates, empowers and convenes stakeholders concerned with dyslexia in Nigeria to create an environment where individuals with dyslexia can thrive. We do this through a range of services including dyslexia screening, diagnostic dyslexia assessments, teacher training, coaching, specialist tuition, sale of relevant resources and awareness efforts.


Founding premise behind our launch was one that our MD, Dr Adrienne Tikolo, has always believed in - that education is not about preparing children for the exams we set ahead of them, but about preparing children for the lives ahead of them and equipping them with the tools they need to navigate the world.


At Dyslexia Nigeria, we have been dedicated and committed to realizing this premise, and our vision. We have reached over 300 schools, creating awareness about dyslexia: over 150 individuals have improved life outcomes because our diagnostic assessments identified their dyslexia and recommended steps to remediation; we have empowered more than 20 youth to become specialist dyslexia teachers, and we have trained about 400 people to identify and support individuals with dyslexia in schools and in the workplace.


Post-COVID, we are bolder, more deliberate and more innovative because we want to achieve more and we want to create more impact of a reach commensurate to the prevalence of dyslexia in Nigeria. This has seen us partnering with an Online Education Platform to digitize our training; launching a video mini-series to drive awareness, and partnering with associations like the Association of International School Educators of Nigeria to reach more schools, parents and students amongst others.