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Dyslexia Nigeria offers support, information and advice to those who need it. Appointments are offered at out centre.

Are you worried that your child may have dyslexia?
We offer a half hour advice service
This service is free

To book an appointment, please mail info@dyslexianigeria.com


Dyslexia Nigeria offers screening test as the first stage in identifying if a person may have Dyslexia. It is the minimum level of assessment completed before a student can start to receive specialist tuition. It is completed by a specialist teacher and involves assessment of verbal ability, attainment in reading, spelling and writing in order to identify patterns of strengths and weakness, learning differences and possibly learning styles. It can assist in planning suitable teaching and learning strategies and programmes of work.

A short report is produced detailing the findings and contains recommendations.

It must be noted that this level of assessment does not permit nor provide a formal definite diagnosis of dyslexia.

To book for a screening test, please contact mail screenings@dyslexianigeria.com


Other Diagnostic Assessments are also carried out at our centers by our trained assessors or a Consulting Educational Psychologist who will also give an indept written report.


Dyslexia Nigeria can give guidance to teachers in the support of pupils with dyslexia in order to enable the school to teach their pupils in main stream classrooms.

We also give advice about the provision and practices for learners with dyslexia.

We advice schools on how to create dyslexia friendly classrooms.

We can organize speaking session with parents.

We offer consultancy service to schools who wish to develop their operating procedures, create support strategies and create or review policies and promote dyslexia friendly practices in their organization.


We offer specialist one-to-one tuition that is tailored to the individual needs and learning style of the child. We can support children with literacy in order to raise their skills in reading, spelling and writing.

Tuition is structured and a range of multi-sensory techniques is used.
Specific teaching target that have been set are reviewed regularly to document progress.

Tutoring takes place in our centre and also at school. Many schools are open to specialist teachers. This should ideally be arranged with the school by the parent/guardian.

Specialist Dyslexia tuition costs vary depending on the needs of the student.